FRW Carobronze – a proud history married to top-quality metal and plastic products!

FRW Carobronze is a long-established company with an almost 100 year old history of excellence. From its beginnings as a foundry, it has now expanded into a highly-sophisticated operation that produces metals and plastics for machining.

Carobronze boasts almost 100 years’ expertise in its field.

The firm is capable of supplying its clients with a huge range of different alloys in all quantities and forms. The most extensive alloy ranges are copper and bronze, with mixes like copper – nickel – aluminium, copper – chrome – zirconium, aluminium bronze, manganese bronze, tin bronze and lead bronze. This product is available in a raft of different formats, from round bars and tubes to the continuous casting method and centrifugal casting. With the chemical compositions of CuSn10Pb10 and CuSn7Pb15, these products adhere to EN 1982 – CC495K, CC496K, GAM MM12 – DIN 1716 and C93700.

Copper is another very big part of the firm’s output, which is made in bar, tube and sheet forms. Deoxidized copper and very pure (electrolytic) copper are two of the options you can choose from.

Based in the Greater Paris area, FRM Carobronze also makes stainless steel, cast iron and plastics.