Can DBV-Technologies provide a solution to some of the most common food allergies? Read on to find out more…

Millions of individuals around the world, but especially in more developed nations, know what it’s like to live with a serious allergy on a day-to-day basis. If you’re in this situation, the DBV-Technologies internet site will make for fascinating reading. Based near Paris, DBV-Technologies is a leading researcher in the field of allergy treatment and diagnosis. Its particular fields of interest are house dust mite, peanut and cow’s milk protein.

The Viaskin patch comes in Viaskin Milk as well as peanut form
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The firm’s major breakthrough has come in the form of its Viaskin® adhesive patch. The range of patches includes Viaskin House Dust Mite and Viaskin Peanut. This patch works through the application of very small amounts of peanut allergen in powder form to the patient’s skin. A special chamber moistens the skin and allows the active compound to penetrate the epidermis, thus reaching the tolerogenic Langerhans cells. Unlike other treatments, the antigen does not enter the bloodstream directly, which can cause anaphylaxis. As the body is exposed to the antigen, its gradually becomes ‘tolerized’ to the substance in question. The patch is unobtrusive (see the Viaskin® milk patch in the picture below) and has the potential to be used to treat many other types of allergies.